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Powerful HVLS Fan

               SUNON's Powerful HVLS Fan series of commercial ceiling fans are di erent from the typical
               large-scale industrial ceiling fans which are rough and noisy.  Taking a totally di erent
               approach, SUNON's ceiling fan introduces the design inspiration of the oriental Zen style,
               which injects the aesthetics of Zen style in pursuit of inner tranquility, bringing peace and
               calm into the core spirit of the product design; therefore, the making of the Powerful HVLS
               Fan ceiling fan series has a simple and elegant appearance. The fan can generate a huge air
               volume from the inside out with a light operation, where the wind power is even, stable and
               quiet. The large amount of airflow from the slow-moving fans that gives a comfortable visual
               impact, can ensure su cient natural air convection in a large space, so that every user can
               feel the pleasantly cool yet gentle and comfortable wind.

               The in-depth connotation, tranquility, peace, and the simple thinking of Zen style are fully
               injected into the product design. Without redundant decoration, the ceiling fan product with
               the aesthetics of humanity full of oriental elegance is constructed. Meanwhile, the product
               is also characterized by subtle and steady calmness, subverting the general impression of
               rough industrial products, thus bringing in an unparalleled brand-new experience to users.
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