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                                   SUNON, with 40 years of experience in BLDC motor technology and
                                manufacturing capability . In 2017, SUNON launched the HVLS fans, which
                              adopts brushless DC (BLDC) energy-efficient motors. Aerodynamics was used
                               to optimize the airflow, which enables SUNON HVLS fans to generate large
                                airflow with low turning speeds, achieving optimal performance that HVLS
                              industrial fans couldn't reach. SUNON Powerful HVLS Fan series got a light and
                                 stylish design and its airfoil combines aircraft-grade aluminum with a
                                patented winglet design, reducing the air resistance and noise, reaching
                              optimal performance of high volume at low speed. We committed to providing
                               you with superior HVLS fans and offer you the best energy-saving, cooling,
                               moisture-proof, and ventilation solutions. The entire series of SUNON HVLS
                                   fans is unparalleled, and unlike anything else you've experienced.

                                                Pre-Sale Service             Professional Skills
                                                Site Survey                  Simulation & Validation
                                                Airflow Simulation           Aerodynamic Optimization
                                                Optimized Consulting         Automated Production
                                                Cost Saving Analysis         Product Traceability

                                                Installation Work            After-Sale Service
                                                Cost Saving Analysis         Intensive Distribution
                                                Safety Regulations
                                                Efficient Installation

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