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Powerful HVLS Fan
                                                                                 Leisure Life in Urban Area

                                                                                 The airfoil combines aircraft-grade
                                                                                 aluminum with a patented Airfoil
                                                                                 design, it reduces the wind resistance
                                                                                 and wind noise.

           Powerful HVLS Fan
           Strong and Gentle Breeze
           It reduces body temperature
           e ciently and heat dissipation
           evenly. The high-e ciency BLDC
           direct-drive motor shows
           remarkable results and does not
           require regular oil change for
           long-term use.

                                                                      Powerful HVLS Fan

                                                                      Storm but Uniform Airflow

                                                                       Di erent from most large industrial ceiling fans on
                                                                       the market that rely on rapid turning speeds to
                                                                       generate unsteady and uneven airflows, Powerful
                                                                       HVLS Fan series 10 large industrial ceiling fans wield
                                                                       outstanding motor control to generate even and
                                                                       gentle winds. In addition, the unique expanded air
                                                                       flow design of the series 10 allows for even better
                                                                       internal and external air circulation in large areas.
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