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SUNON was established  in  1980,  focusing on the  development  of energy-saving motor technology,
                 providing the best cooling and ventilation solutions for important international brands in industries such
                 as  information and  communications, automotive,  medical  care,  and  other  industrial  applications,
                 earning SUNON high reputation in the industry.

                 In recent years, due to the worsened global warming, the world has been paying more attention to issues
                 of energy-saving, carbon reduction, and environmental sustainable development. At SUNON, relying on
                 decades  of rich experience  in  energy-saving motor technology, we launched  the  HVLS high-quality
                 ceiling  fan series  in  2017.  Such products are  100%  independently  developed,  designed,  and
                 manufactured. The HVLS full range products adopt the energy-saving design of BLDC gearless direct
                 drive  for high  efficiency  in  the  motor and  optimize  the  flow field  with  the  aerodynamics  design.
                 Therefore, the ceiling fan can still generate huge air volume even at an extremely slow speed and can
                 reduce the  noise  to the  lowest  level,  providing  the  best  solutions  for energy-saving,  cooling,
                 moisture-proof, and ventilation in various fields, thus offering the industry a better choice of ceiling fans.

                                       Made in Taiwan

                                        100% independent R&D, design, and  manufacturing
                                       Safety First
                                       Five safety structure design

                                       Intelligent Detection

                                       Eight electrical safety mechanisms
                                       Environmental Sustainability

                                       Non-toxic raw materials & recyclable packaging materials

                                       Professional Assessment
                                       CAE/CFD planning and precise assessment

                      6 Process Steps for Quality Assurance Assuran

                         Motor stator assembly check  Motor shaft assembly check   Blade balancing check

                         Motor rotor assembly check  Motor drive compatibility check  Code record
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