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With the Earth's axis tilted at 23.5°, it created the beautiful sceneries of the 4 seasons.
                   With the 31° curvilinear design of the SUNON Morden HVLS FAN blade, it created not only
                   a massive airflow, but also an ultra silent operation. The 6 speed rotation ensured you a
                   silent natural breeze, the unique blades gently running through the air revitalizing your
                   space with a rustic breeze.

               Lozenge pattern surface with   The ultra-high torque motor   Slow rotate speed will be   Slow rotate speed will be
               elegant and large curvilinear   can generate massive air at   visually leisure and less   visually leisure and less
               airfoil, decorative and pure   low speed by the curvilinear   oppressive, let the breeze   oppressive, let the breeze
               white design, show more of   airfoil, creating a relaxing   gently run through your   gently run through your
               your taste to shape your   and peaceful atmosphere in   space.            space.
               lifestyle.              your house.

                           exhibition hall, bookstore, cafe, library, museum, o ce, meeting room,
                           hotel lobby, hospital,  tness center, home
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