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100% R&D and
                                                                  Manufacturing by SUNON

                                                                  With 40 years of experience in BLDC motor
                                                                  technology and manufacturing capability,
                                                                  SUNON's HVLS fan solution mastered the core
                                                                  technology of motor and the optimal
                                                                  characteristics of the airfoil. The product is 100%
                                                                  under SUNON controlled from design to
                                                                  manufacture, eliminating the problems of buying
                                                                  motors, airfoil, drive and parts separately from
                                                                  the market and then reassemble. Achieving a
                                                                  performance no other HVLS fans achieved.

            Successful story

                                                 Modern HVLS Fan
                                                 - Mumbai, India
                                                 Located in the Tropics, Mumbai is hot and
                                                 humid. Using Modern HVLS Fan  can dissipate
                                                 the heat and humidity, as well as generate
                                                 indoor circulation, providing a natural and
                                                 comfortable cooling.

                                                                                          More application fields
               Powerful HVLS Fan series 1
                - Tainan, Taiwan                                                     Powerful HVLS Fan series 3
               This 24-hour running factory needs precise                             - Kaohsiung, Taiwan
               control of their cost and capacity. The series 1                      Taiwan lies in the Subtropics. A hot
               delivers the lowest cost but provides the                             environment reduces milk production
               maximum ventilation, optimizing the space                             and milk quality. The highly-diffused
               between people and equipment in this                                  airflow of series 3 ceiling fans
               working environment, and maintaining high                             accelerate air circulation both inside
               productivity(1kWh can be used continuously                            and outside the farmhouse, keeping
               for 12 hours).                                                        the cows’ enclosure dry and reducing
                                                                                     the chances of cows getting sick. The
                                                                                     quiet BLDC motor lowers the overall
                                                                                     temperature and is quiet enough so as
                                                                                     to not disturb the cows, thereby
                                                                                     improving milk production and milk
                                                 Powerful HVLS Fan series 1
                                                 - Okinawa, Japan
                                                 This island resort has created a brand-new
                                                 restaurant with comfortable air conditioning.
                                                 To make every guest feel cozy and relaxed
                                                 during their mealtime. The high-ceilinged roof
                                                 is equipped with the series 1. Not only balance
                                                 the room temperature and reach the better
                                                 ventilation, it also makes every guest to dine
                                                 in with the island breeze.

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