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Professional field assessment  Core BLDC motor technology   Optimized aerodynamic   Suspension Structural Analysis
                                      and planning consulting  energy-saving but powerful  massive air flow  Safety comes First!

             Safety First

              One-pieced Shaping
              Auto-stop when detect motor heat, voltage or loading over limitations.
              Redundant and Interlocked Conjunction                                                        Shaping
              The mout tube adopts three sets of upper and lower screws to ensure a
              firm shockproof, low sloshing, and crosswind resistance of the whole
              Main Safety Cable
              The mount tube is equipped with a built-in safety steel cable connecting
              the motor to the beam, which is safe and secure.                  Redundant and
                                                                                  Interlocked             Main Safety
              Fatigue testing                                                    Conjunction
              The airfoil bolt kit has passed million-times of fatigue tests- SUNON
              Powerful HVLS Fan utilizes reinforced airfoil. The equipped airfoil frame
              passed millions of high-strength back and forth bending fatigue tests to
              avoid the risk of airfoil frame breaking or fan airfoil falling due to
              long-term use.

              (*Only for powerful HVLS Fan series 3 , series10)

                                                   6 Process Steps for
                                                   Quality Assurance

                                                       Motor stator assembly check
                                                       Motor rotor assembly check
                                                       Motor shaft assembly check
                                                                                  Automated production toboost
                                                       Motor drive compatibility   productivity and yield.
               Powerful HVLS Fan series 10             check
                -Changhua, Taiwan                      Airfoil balancing check
               It is very difficult for a dairy cattle in a   Finished goods package with
               temperate climate adapt to the tropical
               environment, however, series 10 can     QR Code record
               change the situation by offering a stable
               and soft wind to create a better indoor
               and outdoor circulation, so that dairy
               cattle can feel comfortable and enhance
               its milk quantity.                                                 Data management with our QR Code
                                                                                  system in each process step to ensure
                                                                                  quality and traceability for every single

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