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series 10 Powerful HVLS Fan

            Storm But Uniform airflow

             Different from most large industrial ceiling fans on the market that rely on rapid turning speeds
             to generate unsteady and uneven airflows, Powerful HVLS Fan series 10 large industrial  ceiling
             fans wield outstanding motor control to generate even and gentle winds. In addition, the unique
             expanded air flow design of the series 10 allows for even better internal and external air
             circulation in large areas.

                  BLDC Motor            Energy Saving            Air Smoothly             Safety First
                More than 90% of motor   Series 10 is achieve carbon   By implementing   Sunon applied one-pieced
               efficiency, gearless direct   neutrality by saving more   aerodynamic diversion   shaping hanging base to
                drive motor , no need for   than 160000 trees.  designs, the generated   prevent those potential risks
                  regular lubrication   (Compare with 7.3M HVLS fans)  airflow is gentle and does   about cracked, rusty, or
                    maintenance.                                not include flow-breaks.   loosen parts.
                                                                Even large spaces can be
                                                                 cooled down through
                                                                  comfortable wind.

                 Diameter       4M (13 ft)      5M (16 ft)     5.5M (18 ft)    6.1M (20 ft)    7.3M (24 ft)

                 Weight*        90.01 Kg        99.36 Kg        104.03 Kg       110.16kg       120.86 Kg
                 Speed          115 RPM          90 RPM          65 RPM          60 RPM         50 RPM
                 Watts           825 W           1,100 W         585 W           765 W          1,050 W
                 Airflow       166,536 CFM     224,824 CFM     192,441 CFM     234,859 CFM    338,127 CFM
                               282,744 m /h    381,704 m /h    326,725 m /h    398,742 m /h   574,069 m /h
                 Noise          <50 dBA         <50 dBA         <46 dBA         <46 dBA         <46 dBA
                 Power source                                  220-240 VAC
                 Environment*                                Indoor / Outdoor
                 *Weight - fan unit only, the  controller, the mount and the extension tube are not included.
                 *Environment -This product is not suitable for salt air environments.
                 ※ The above specifications are test from SUNON Lab and the data will be affected by different environmental conditions.
                 ※ Specifications are subject to change without notice. Final spec. please visit SUNON website at

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