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Energy saving and carbon reduction

                   Environmental sustainability

                   Protect the environment

                   SUNON has been focusing on ESG issues for years, actively developing energy-saving
                   technologies and products in its core business, and is committed to providing
                   comprehensive cooling solutions and services for industries related to environmental
                   sustainability. To ensure environmental friendliness, SUNON's full range of HVLS ceiling fan
                   series products adopted the BLDC energy-saving motors and non-toxic materials, so that all
                   our customers can not only save electricity but also reduce environmental pollution.
                   SUNON's ceiling fan products are made of raw materials that comply with EU RoHS non-toxic
                   environmental protection standards to reduce environmental pollution caused during
                   production. In terms of packaging, the cheap Styrofoam packaging with cushioning
                   properties has been fully replaced by recyclable paper materials for lightweight products,
                   while heavier commercial ceiling fans are protected with paper materials along with
                   recyclable foam materials. From design to production and shipment, SUNON strives to do its
                   best for the sustainable environment of the world's land and ocean.

                   GREEN IMAGE OF

                   SUNON PRODUCT DESIGN

                   SUNON's commercial energy-saving ventilation products use the "
                   Green Belt" combined with the SUNON logo to form a " G" to form
                   the image of Green, conveying.
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